On April 1, 2013, Esquire.com made the following pronouncement to the question “How can I stop raw denim from getting all over my shoes?”

“The real answer: You can’t. Dry crocking—the process by which dye transfers onto lighter-colored objects—is a part of the deal when you jump on the raw denim bandwagon.”

But the creator of Bright Lights, an engineer in upstate New York, refused to give up so easily. His biggest statement was “it doesn’t have to be this way,” and in his spare time, he quietly began working on the problem.

As a former Head Undergraduate Researcher for a composite materials lab at a well renowned university, he knew all about exotic materials. But, like Alva Edison with the incandescent light, he had to discover what didn’t work, before he could get to what did. It had to be tough and durable enough to protect shoes but still green and eco-friendly.

The result is not just a new product, but a new category. This new category has created sub-categories within fashion that place a spotlight on stains we deal with on a daily basis without asking ourselves "why."

It’s called Bright Lights Fashion Guards, and it solves the problem of preventing stains on your collars, cuffs, or shoes!

Bright Lights create a layer of protection between your collars, cuffs, and shoes to stop stains from contact. Made of a special material, and backed with an easy-on adhesive, yet a single pack can save hundreds of dollars worth of expensive white or lightly colored clothes.

Purchase a packet of Bright Lights Fashion Guards, so you can see for yourself why Esquire.com’s answer of just three years ago has finally been proven wrong—all through the ingenuity and perseverance of one materials engineer on a mission.

See what the fashion world has long been crying out for. Join us in our quest to establish this new category of fashion.

We’ll gladly share the triumph with you!